Class Resources*

Recommended reading: Ko and Rossen, Chapter 8: Copyright, Intellectual Property, and Open Educational Resources (note: this chapter is particular to the United States only!)

Points to consider in the reading: fair use, TEACH Act, linking and embedding, institutional policies, password protection, Open Educational Resources (OERs), Creative Commons, academic integritym and plagiarism

Learn about online accessibility issues.


Universal Design for Learning (UDL) “is a set of principles… that give individuals equal opportunities to learn” (National Center on Universal Design for Learning).

View this video from Seattle Central (embedded below) to learn more about Universal Design for Learning, in general.  However, UDL is complex and could involve many different methods and curriculum design elements.


Browse open educational resources at the Internet ArchiveProject Gutenburg, your college’s library, and the California Community College Consortium (your state may have something similar).