Getting Started

The POT Online Teaching Pathway is open to all teachers, though it is designed for college instructors.

You will need several resources to begin the Pathway. To best learn from and succeed in the Pathway, we recommend:

1. A good book about learning to teach college classes online.
Our favorite is Susan Ko and Steve Rossen, Teaching Online: A Practical Guide (3rd ed) — about $48 from the publisher.
Note to MiraCosta college faculty: one copy is on reserve in the MiraCosta library, one copy available as an e-text through the library (log in with MCC id, download PDF browser plug-in if needed), and several copies are in the PDP office for checkout

2. A sense of adventure and openness.
This includes a willingness to explore on the web, try things and fail, and direct your own learning. We also expect that in return for this open educational experience, you too will work openly and share your work with others.

3. A web workspace.
This may be a blog, a Google Site, or any web space that can become an e-portfolio if you intend to get a badge or show your work to others.

4. A community.
Perhaps you are already and member of an online community of teachers, and can share your work and ask questions there. If not, POT has several. We encourage all working on the Pathway to join POT’s Facebook group or our community in Google Plus. If you like Twitter, our hashtag is #potcert.

Each numbered unit has an “assignment” that your post in your own notebook or online space, as documentation for your e-portfolio.

The Pathway is designed for each Unit to take about a week to complete, though since this is self-paced your own time may be more or less.