1 Your Pedagogy

In the first unit, you will use a series of worksheets, to explore your pedagogy. Although there is some controversy over whether one should try to “translate” ones classroom teaching style into the online environment, we feel that starting with your teaching goals and strengths is important. At the end, you will be asked to write about your reflections.


  1. Read: Ko and Rossen, Chapter 1: Teaching Online: An Overview.
    Points: applying your in-class instructional strategies to online, teacher as facilitator and moderator, technology is second after teaching, reflecting on practice.

Begin by printing out and completing the¬†Beginner’s Questionnaire. The point of this guide is to determine your pedagogical style or focus, with an eye toward creating your online class from that foundation.

A high score means your pedagogy is more oriented toward presentation, demonstration and modeling. A lower score means your pedagogy is more oriented toward student-directed, constructivist learning models.

POT: Beginners Questionnaire from Program for Online Teaching on Vimeo.