Portfolio Assignment 1

 For your portfolio:

Having looked at the Getting Started Chart and completed the Pedagogical Design worksheet, write to your journal or blog or e-portfolio about what you’ve learned. Which pathway might you take? What is the Guiding Force for the class you’ll design?

Skill practice: Blog post or entry with live link

Each Portfolio Assignment will ask you to learn or demonstrate at least one technology you might use in an online class. For this assignment, you need to include in your post a live link. A live link is a text or image that goes to another web page when we click on it. Live links are the heart of an interactive syllabus.

You may link to an article you found, or back to a page at this site.

Skill practice: Joining and participating in the community

We have two POT communities, the POT Facebook Group and the Google Plus POT Community, so you may choose which to use or use both. It is expected that throughout the Pathway, you post your assignments to you own blog or site, but also share those assignments and what you’ve learned in the community, or use it to ask questions. So introduce yourself and say hello!