POT Pre-camp activities

We need to engage in several pre-camp activities before joining any of the workshops!

1. Create your own bunk

This may be a blog, a Google Site, or any web space that can become display your work.

If you're only doing one workshop, you may want to just create a single artifact in one of the many sites already on the web. For example, if you take only Workshop #5, you may want to create a video, upload it to YouTube, and share that link and discuss it in the POT Facebook group.

If you're doing several or all of the workshops, you may want a space that is yours to display all your artifacts and reflections. For beginners, we recommend Google Sites, Tumblr, or Blogger. More experienced campers may prefer Wordpress (MiraCostans may get a Wordpress blog by contacting Anthony Ginger at aginger@miracosta.edu).

2. Consider a guide book

Our favorite is Susan Ko and Steve Rossen, Teaching Online: A Practical Guide (3rd ed) -- about $48 from the publisher. Note to MiraCosta college faculty: one copy is on reserve in the MiraCosta library, one copy available as an e-text through the library (log in with MCC id, download PDF browser plug-in if needed), and several copies are in the PDP office for checkout

We also like Claire Major's Teaching Online: A Guide to Theory, Research and Practice (Johns Hopkins University Press 2015).

3. Join the clubhouse: the POT Facebook group

Although Facebook is not an open space (we prefer open spaces), it is a place where many people hang out for social reasons, and it can be interesting to engage in professional uses for social spaces.  The POT Facebook Group is a closed group - you will need to request admission.

4. Check your camping gear

You will need a headset with microphone to participate in online pow-wows. Here's one we like.

5. Cultivate a sense of adventure and openness.

This includes a willingness to explore on the web, try things and fail, and direct your own learning. We also expect that in return for this open educational experience, you too will work openly and share your work with others.

6. Introduce yourself in the intro forum.

Do you use Twitter?

POT's hashtag is #potcomm.

POT Camp online