Cool Tools & Classes List

Online Tools Recommended by POT Faculty

I want to:

  • Build a website or web pages
  • Collaborate on documents
  • Make video interactive 
    • TogetherTube (watch YouTube videos together)
    • (annotate video with notetaking)
    • Vialogues (annotate video)
    • EDpuzzle (make video interactive)
    • H5P (create interactivity)
    • Zaption (make video interactive with comments and quizzes – Paulino Mendoza, Jean Proppe) now closed
  • Use Pinboards– share web content and images on pages
  • Annotate documents – allow students to annotate pdfs and webpages
  • Annotate images
  • Present video
    • Eyejot (create easy video messages with no downloading – Pilar Hernández)
    • Wimba (located inside Blackboard and Moodle – Pilar Hernández)
    • Voki (create animated avatar, message or embed in site – Lisa M Lane, David Detwiler)
    • OfficeMix (make PowerPoints interactive, PC only)
  • Develop and share collections of web resources
    • Diigo (allows highlighting, creation of groups)
    • Feedly
  • Create, edit and share images
    • Flickr (photo sharing)
    • Instagram (mobile)
    • Flaming Text (for making cool graphic text -Louisa Moon)
    • (quick mind maps or brainstorming charts)
    • Glogster (create posters from text, images, video and music – David Detwiler)
    • Wordle or Voyant (create word maps out of blocks of text)
    • Gliffy (make flowcharts)

Recommended for download by POT faculty

Professional Development