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Week 2 – Teaching & Learning Online

Beginner’s Questionnaire – I scored 13 which is pretty much in the middle of the possible points. As a trainer ‘by trade’ I like interactivity, using small group activities as well as large group discussion. The challenge with large group is making sure everyone participates. I imagine that will be the same challenge with an [...]

As People Set Up Their Blogs – “Tags” Tutorial

Hi, everyone:

As people are setting up their blogs, I thought I would post another tutorial that may be helpful for some of you. It has been great reading all of your posts!

Reference: CDWebTeach (2012, September 9). Tags in WordPress [Video file]. Retrieved from http://youtu.be/v5r2yeGJFaA

A quick feed tutorial: tags

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by reallyboring
The syllabus suggests that if you already have a blog, “you can tag class-related posts ‘potcert‘ and add the feed for that tag instead.”

If you’re like me, you thought something along the lines of “hmmm. . . . now where do I find the feed for a tag?” It’s not readily apparent from within WordPress, even when you’re looking at just the tag you want to feed.

I popped over to the feed documentation at the WordPress Codex, but I’ll save you the trouble and give you the shortcut right away: the feed for any particular tag takes the form of


So for my blog,the feed for the potcert tag looks like this:


For your own blog, just substitute your own URL for “pedagogy.learningbusiness.net,” and Bob’s your uncle.