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What sites & apps do your students use?

We teach online, so it seems like we ought to know something about how our students use technology. At our institution, we don’t do any kind of surveying or research about  what technologies our students use, an oversight I’ve mentioned several timse over the years. I’ve even intended to come up with my own survey to give to my classes (but I never seem to get it done).

Meredith Stewart has a post today about a question she asked her US history class:

Because of our shortened meeting time, there’s less opportunity for me to get to know you. To help me do that, choose 3 or 4 web sites or apps (they don’t have to be school-related, but they should be school appropriate) that you visit or use frequently. (If you’re not a big internet user, choose three or four favorite books/movies/albums.) Imagine that a historian 50 years from now has stumbled across this information about you. What sorts of conclusions do you think a historian might draw about you based on these sites/apps?

This looks like an easy way to break the ice in an online class and also to start gathering some useful information. Over the course of several semesters it might even indicate some interesting trends (e.g., there a couple of reports of declining Facebook use among students). I think I might just give it a try.

H/T Danah Boyd (@zephoria)