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Week 24: Summarize, assess and contribute

List of links to all my posts for the year Week 1 – Getting started with Program For Online Teaching class It’s just my presentation and a description of my own experience about online teaching and my particular expectative with this program. Week 2: Teaching and Learning Online Starting with the program readings, and identify […]

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Week 23: Presentations

This is my presentation. I explored different topics, until finally I decided on Week 12: Online Resources OER Tutorial

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Week 24 Sumary of the work done during Potcert 2012-2013

Here I summarized all the post I built during this POTCERT 2012-2013:Week 1: http://epsicopedagogy.blogspot.com.es/2012/09/hi-potcert.htmlThe first week I introduce myself to everyone and started the blog for this Program for Online Teaching Certi…

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Week 23. My presentation about Week 9!!!

Here is my presentation about the week number 9: Student Activities in the Online Environments If you can not see it please click on this link: http://prezi.com/cgf2uutmktmw/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy And I have to say sorry, but I tried t…

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Week 24: A Reflection

Wow!  I made it – even if it took a couple of months longer than I had planned!  I can honestly say that I learned a lot from this course, a lot more than I thought I would.  I came into the POT Cert class looking for new tools to use and update my rather […]

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My Presentation for Week 2 – Teaching and Learning Online (Week 23)

Okay – here is my slidecast for Week 2 of the POT Cert Course – Teaching and Learning Online.  This week wasn’t without it’s difficulties, but I did find that I had a much easier time with slidecasting this go around.  I hope this is an effective introduction to the Week 2 material!     […]

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Week 22: Personal Learning Networks

    Ko & Rossen, Chapter 14: Taking Advantage of New Opportunities, the main ideas I got from this chapter are:
    It is a fact we live in a technological society and the evolution of technology is done by continue and really huge steps, so we have to understand that we need to learn during all our lives, our students and us are long life learners without exceptions. We need always to take adventage of new opportunities, like the tittle said, and so far networking is a ideal place to find these new opportunities and adventages …. are you ready ????!!! Let’s do networking!!

    Dean Shareski, Sharing: The Moral Imperative
    I enjoyed a lot this video and some of the experiences showed are really good practices of sharing!!
    I agree with them about the tendence of the teachers to share and even about the affirmation: “Sharing has always been part of the teacher’s job”. I think that if we share we can build better knowledge for our students and better experiences for them, sharing everybody is gaining!!

    Gardner Campbell, A Personal Cyberstructure  
    Good point the one Gardner show in this article that let us reflect about the power of building our personal cyberstructure to learn and share, to learn and create too. Gardner says that onliy if  what the professor truly wants is for students to discover and craft their own desires and dreams, a personal cyberinfrastructure provides the opportunity, they have to build it on their own with tools and help but discovering by themselves and creating by themselves… They have to guided but not in every single thing….

    Alec Couros, Teaching and Learning in a Networked World (2010) 
    In the field of career guidance in order to get a job, it is noticed the great importance of using the Web 2.0 not to look for the job, but to make the jobs can find  you… In this case this teacher is telling and showing us that Web 2.0 in education is similar, because you can use it to make your personal learning environment and also to let the courses and grades that you want to take, the knowledge that you need to reach is and are brought to you throw your  networks and Internet in general. 

    And I was trying to read the article: Martin Weller on The Virtues of Blogging as a Scholarly Activity (2012) the link in the page of Pedagogy First is wrong but I googled it and I find this: http://chronicle.com/article/The-Virtues-of-Blogging-as/131666/ 
    I think that use the blog in the classroom or as a professional tool to divulgate our work, our articles, our experiments, results and express our opinions about different topics is a really powerful tool which is able to open us so many doors but also it can be very hard.  To maintain the blog and to create quality post is not easy,  it is also difficult to differenciate between the famous post and the quality ones in a easy way sometimes, but I have no doubts that blogs are really good resources to work in class and beyond the classroom.

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      Week 21: Introduction to Online Education Theory

      This week we had to wathc the video Adventures in Online Pedagogy  (Jim Sullivan and Lisa M Lane, 2010) or the slidescast made based on this video. I chose the slidecast and I think it was really good to review all the evolution we experienced in …

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      W22: Personal Learning Networks

      One of the things that I find particularly interesting is to collect ideas and inspiration from outstanding lecturers, teachers and writers. From Ko & Rossen, Chapter 14: “Taking Advantage of New Opportunities”, I have found interesting proposals on activities that I would like to further develop in relation to online teaching: Training covering teaching methods […]

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      Sharing and Teaching (Should) go Hand-in-Hand (Week 22)

      This got me thinking… I know the above quote is a bit off topic this week, but I couldn’t help ponder it.  Are we sticking to the “same old thing” in the classroom because it’s convenient for us?  Or are we too afraid to try something new for the fear of failure?  Or is it […]

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