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Chapter 7 sort of

This article came in just after Christmas: Research for Practitioners: How to Improve Knowledge Retention By Julie DirksenDecember 26, 2012 http://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/articles/1080/?utm_campaign=lsmag&utm_medium=email&utm_source=lsm-news Article itself on a recent study of knowledge retention is behind a membership wall at the eLearning Guild. An alternate by the study’s authors’ is available here: http://www.physics.emory.edu/~weeks/journal/karpicke-sci11a.pdf Whole report here: http://www.sciencemag.org/content/331/6018/772.abstract?sid=3a378ac2-ba8f-4cab-82b7-4ebfe4eb3b07 (free, but […]

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Week 12 – The Recap

Week 1 This is the introduction about me and the course. I list my career goals and the items I would like to research or focus on throughout this semesterWeek 2 I took an assessment and learned about my teaching style. I talked about how I would use m…

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Week 12

Week 1: http://rossedavis.edublogs.org/2012/09/03/week-1-potcert/ in this weeks blog I just introduced myself and spoke a little bit about my goals and aspirations for my career and this course. Week 2 in this weeks post I discussed my results for the questionarre and gave my thoughts about the results. I also began to look forward to what […]

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Week 12

Week 1 

I introduced myself in this post. I talked about my background and past experience in the U.S.. I really enjoyed to read other people’s posts and get to know them. It was amazed to know they are actually from so many different places around the world with various background. 

Week 2

In week two, I finished the beginner’s questionnaire and read the first chapter of the book. I thought about some issues about how to prepare for an online course. I also discussed the role of an online instructor. In the end, I tried to clarify some people’s misunderstanding about Instructional Technology. 

Week 3

This week’s topic was course design. This is a very important task for instructors. I reflected some ideas stated by Ko and Rossen. I also recommended using storyboard to plan an online course. I shared an online course I created for a class project. 

Week 4

In this week, we continued the course design discussion. I read chapter 3 and talked about the  procedure of course design, the elements and instructional activities. I analyzed these issues using the online course I designed.

Week 5

This week’s topic was syllabus. I liked Ko and Rossen’s interpretation of the role of a syllabus. O reflected on the method of designing an online syllabus presented by Lisa and thought about how to make the syllabus interactive.

Week 6

This week’s topic was related to Internet skills. I took the Internet skills quiz. I was pretty glad that I got a good score. I learned some basic knowledge of HTML which I was not that familiar with. I also found a good video about how to plan an online course and embedded it to the blog.

Week 7

Building an online community was the topic for this week. I really enjoyed this discussion, no matter online or face-to-face with my classmates. We had a great discussion with my classmates and Dr. Major in the face-to-face class. I also introduced Richard Mayer’s cognitive theory of multimedia learning in my post.

Week 8

The discussion of online community was continued this week. I was interested in virtual environment and posed some questions about Second Life. I further explored some issues about the educational usage of social networking tools. Some online resources I found were posted in the blog as well.

Week 9

The bookmarking tool Diigo and Second Life were the main focus for this week. As for the bookmarking tool, I have only used Delicious before. So this was the first time I learned to use Diigo and explored its educational usage. As for Second Life, I expressed my little doubt about its educational value. 

Week 10

In this week’s task, we talked about the pedagogical usage of blogs. The different roles of blogs were discussed. Since Dr. Major raised some interesting questions about blogging in her comment on other’s blog, I thought about them and tried to answer them from my own perspective. 

Week 11

Class Resources and Intellectual Property are the main topics of this week’s discussion. I do think they are both important issues for teachers especially online teachers. It is necessary for online teachers to know how to handle these issues appropriately. The chapter in Ko and Rossen’s book is really useful. I have learned many detailed tips. 

Overall, this is an amazing journal and experience for me. I have met so many new friends and share my thoughts and ideas with them. It is fun and meaningful. From this weekly blog task, I also got a chance to recall and rethink my learning and teaching experience. I would say I have learned a lot from this experience. 

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Week 1 Well, my week one blog was about my intro to the course.  Thankfully, I did not receive any return posts with people seeming unhappy that I was registered for the course, so I would say that it was … Continue reading

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Mid-year post

I really enjoy learning and discovering new things with Pedagogy First course. Although 4-5 hours a week seems reasonable, I needed to spend a few more hours… I didn’t realize how much more time I’d expend in my researches. Often, when you are working searching about a specific topic, you find new approaches or new […]

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Week 12: Resources Online

I use to access Open Educational Resources to: recommend content to teachers who are building online courses or are adapting their face-to-face courses to a blended methodology. to explore Open Educational Resources both in Spanish as in English. Some of the OER sites I visit to explore didactic materials: Coursera: Courses, Online, For Free. Free […]

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Week 11

Well I am now back to blogging and I do apologize door the delay in everything. It has been a very busy month with thanksgiving, traveling to Atalnta, finishing the semester, and preparing for a new graduate assistant position while finishing work for my 2 student assistant jobs. week 11: In all honesty this week […]

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Week 1:   Week 2:

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#week11 Post

FFrom the posted material, as well as my own experiences, I take away two big factors: The first is that using online photos can be a difficult ordeal to navigate. In the instance I would create my own website to … Continue reading

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