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Week 12

This week was so exciting to see the abundance of book resources available. My HOT find was Virtual Training Suite. Which offers a free online tutorial to help university students develop their Internet research skills specific to Performing Arts. I can’t wait to read it thoroughly! This link was found through the Community College Consortium […]

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Week 11

A specific question came to me while reading Chapter 8: Copyright, Intellectual Property, and Open Educational Resources by Ko and Rossen, who owns the rights to a dance piece choreographed by a professor? The college or the professor, especially if a stipend is paid? Stated on page 237 of Teaching Online: A Practical Guide  work made for hire […]

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Week 12: Looking back…

I really needed this week’s lesson. I was really proud of myself for keeping up with the blogs… but the assessment reminded me that I still have resources that I could take advantage of.  This past fall semester has been a challenge for me to say the least.  While I am SO thankful to play […]

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Fatigue is fatal

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Peat Bakke In January, for the first time in 10 years, I won’t be teaching online. I’ve been cobbling together a variety of DIY resources for class—wordpress.com, then my own wordpress installation, blip-.tv, slideshare, found youtube videos—and it has all just become too much. Last spring,  […]

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Week 10: Open Platforms for Teaching and Learning

New to blogging and creating my blog for this POT; I have surprised myself. I have really enjoyed blogging even though it’s really….. time consuming, which is my excuse for being behind three weeks of assignments. So, this has been … Continue reading

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Week 11

What I learned from this week’s assignments are many. One is that law is catching up with technological changes and advancements. And it will have to do so; otherwise, it will hinder our advancement, innovation, and creativity. But I am … Continue reading

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Week 12 – Reviewing My Posts – how did I do?

This was a great assignment! This exercise in particular helped me recognize what I’ve learned and where I’ve more or less ‘dropped the ball’. It’s good information as I prepare for next semester. Here’s my review: Week 1 – This first post reminded me of how eager I was to get started with POT. I had started […]

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Week 12 – POTCERT

Week 1:  I set up my blog and I am ready to start the course! I could tell it was still warm back then because I placed a picture of the beach as my blog banner : ). Week 2: … Continue reading

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Week 12 – part one

Hello POTers, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here’s a ‘wave’ photo from my family as we celebrated together. Let me begin this post by saying that I think the assignments for this week are perfect for closing out the semester — looping back to remind ourselves of what we’ve learned so far. I […]

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Summary and reflection

Hello potcert people, I offer you my mid point summary and reflection: Week 1 Interesting times: I learned how to set up a blog!  It was a good experience to do it, and I’m planning on adding another one next term, … Continue reading

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